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Romania. Oradea.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1618Excellent€ 750,00
Belgium. Rupelmonde. View.J Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 130,00
Malta.I Tirion, 1761Excellent€ 440,00
Sweden. Stockholm. View.F Halma, 1705Excellent€ 130,00
Denmark.I Tirion / J Keizer, circa 1753Very good€ 160,00
Germany. Aachen. Bird's-eye plan.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1572Excellent€ 550,00
Russia. Saint Petersburg. Plan of St. Petersburg.I Tirion, 1735Very good€ 130,00
Belgium. Brussels. Bird's-eye plan.J Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 1350,00
Belgium. Antwerp. Bird's-eye planS Münster, 1578Very good€ 90,00
Sweden. Southern Sweden.F de Wit, circa 1690Excellent€ 490,00
Greece.J en C Blaeu, 1664Excellent€ 430,00
PolandH de Leth, 1749Excellent€ 120,00
Spain. Barcelona. Bird's-eye viewD Meisner, 1625Excellent€ 240,00
England. London. Plan city and surrounding area.I Tirion, 1754Excellent€ 360,00
Croatia. Coastal area.H de Leth, 1749Excellent€ 110,00
Europe.I Tirion, 1753Excellent€ 290,00
Poland.I Tirion, 1734Excellent€ 220,00
Italy.I Tirion, circa 1761Excellent€ 220,00
EnglandI Tirion, 1755Excellent€ 170,00
Great Britain. Ireland.I Tirion, 1754Very good€ 210,00
United Kingdom and Ireland.G Raynal / R Bonne, 1780Excellent€ 95,00
United Kingdom. Anglesey, Wight, Guernsey and JerseyG Mercator / J Hondius, 1619Very good€ 400,00
Portugal. Lisbon. Birds eye view.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1623Excellent€ 1600,00
RussiaI Tirion, circa 1740Excellent€ 220,00
Germany. Munich. View.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1617Very good€ 800,00
ItalyD'Anville / Tirion, 1761Excellent€ 220,00
Europe. Northern Europe.G Raynal / R Bonne, 1780Excellent€ 95,00
Turkey. Istanbul. Constantinople. View.I Tirion, 1734Excellent€ 300,00
FranceG Raynal / R Bonne, 1780Excellent€ 90,00
GreeceConrad Malte-Brun, 1810Very good€ 90,00
Great Britain. Wales.A Ortelius, 1579Excellent€ 550,00
GermanyH de Leth, 1749Very good€ 90,00
AustriaConrad Malte-Brun, 1810Very good€ 110,00
Croatia. Kostajnica. Bird's-eye viewG Braun & F Hogenberg, 1618Excellent€ 580,00
Italy. Ostia. Bird's-eye viewG Braun & F Hogenberg, 1588Excellent€ 550,00
Denmark. Southern Sweden. Southern Norway.Conrad Malte-Brun, 1810Excellent€ 110,00
Turkey. Greece. Balkans.J Janvier / J Lattré, 1762Very good€ 180,00
Portugal. Coimbra. Bird's-eye viewG Braun & F Hogenberg, 1623Very good€ 570,00
Belgium. Ghent (Gent). Bird's-eye viewG Braun & F Hogenberg, 1572Excellent€ 550,00
Germany. Leipzig. Bird's-eye viewG Braun & F Hogenberg, 1618Excellent€ 590,00
France. Strasbourg. Plan of the city.I Tirion, 1736Excellent€ 120,00
Czech Republic. Bohemia. Prague and Cheb. Two Bird's-eye views.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1572Excellent€ 800,00
ItalyA Ortelius, 1579Very good€ 900,00
Denmark. Odense. Bird's-eye viewG Braun & F Hogenberg, 1623Excellent€ 700,00
SwitzerlandH de Leth, 1749Excellent€ 110,00
Europe. Roman Empire.A Ortelius, 1579Excellent€ 850,00
Belgium. Flanders.P Placide / P Du Val, circa 1695Excellent€ 490,00
Luxembourg.I Tirion, 1738Very good€ 160,00
Italy. Mantua (Mantova). Bird's-eye viewG Braun & F Hogenberg, 1575Very good€ 430,00
Belgium. Flanders.A Ortelius / JB Vrients, 1603Excellent€ 740,00
Austria. Salzburg.A Ortelius, 1579Excellent€ 450,00
Germany. Bentheim and Steinfurt. WJ Blaeu, 1642Excellent€ 340,00
Poland. Wroclaw (Breslau). Bird's-eye plan.G Braun & F Hogenberg, circa 1617Very good€ 980,00
Czech Republic. MoraviaA Ortelius, 1579Excellent€ 350,00
France. Marseille. Bird's-eye plan.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1575Excellent€ 450,00
Scandinavia.G Botero, circa 1599Excellent€ 160,00
Greece. Chios. Bird's-eye viewG Braun & F Hogenberg, 1617Excellent€ 480,00
Italy. Tricarico. Bird's-eye viewG Braun & F Hogenberg, 1618Excellent€ 560,00
Slovenia. Northwest Croatia. Northeast Italy.WJ Blaeu, circa 1644Excellent€ 420,00
France. Paris. Detailed plan of Paris.A Jouvin de Rochefort / N de Fer, 1694Excellent€ 2200,00
Greece. Crete: Heraklion. Corfu: Kérkyra.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1575Very good€ 580,00
England. London. Royal Stock Exchange.I Tirion, 1754Excellent€ 120,00
England. London. Mansion House.I Tirion, 1754Excellent€ 90,00
France. Paris. Pont Neuf. AM Mallet / JD Zunner, circa 1684Excellent€ 100,00
England. Windsor. Windsor Castle.I Tirion, 1754Excellent€ 80,00
England. London. Chelsea Royal Hospital and Ranelagh Gardens.I Tirion, 1754Excellent€ 80,00
England. London. Thames. Westminster Bridge.I Tirion, 1754Excellent€ 120,00
Scandinavia. North Atlantic regionsGA Magini, 1598Excellent€ 160,00
Spain. Seville. Bird's-eye view.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1623Very good€ 700,00
Scandinavia. North Atlantic Ocean.A Ortelius, 1592Excellent€ 1900,00
Spain. Alhama de Granada. Bird's-eye view.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1575Excellent€ 380,00
Russia. Saint Petersburg. Plan of St. Petersburg.J Broedelet, 1705Excellent€ 530,00
Portugal. Lisbon. Cascais and Belém.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1572Excellent€ 900,00
Switzerland. Basel. Bird's-eye planG Braun & F Hogenberg, 1575Excellent€ 550,00
England. Exeter. Bird's-eye plan.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1618Excellent€ 550,00
Portugal. Braga. Bird's-eye plan.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1623Excellent€ 650,00
Poland. Zamosc. Bird's-eye plan.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1618Very good€ 680,00
Belgium. Flanders.C Danckerts, circa 1650Very good€ 460,00
Spain. Barcelona. View.P Aveline / Crepy, circa 1750Very good€ 360,00
Russia. Moscow. Plan of Moscow.G Bodenehr, circa 1725Excellent€ 240,00
Spain. Balearic Islands: Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera.M Seutter, 1741Excellent€ 740,00
France. Anjou.C de Jode, 1593Excellent€ 360,00
Italy. Palermo. Bird's-eye planG Braun & F Hogenberg, 1588Very good€ 540,00
Scandinavia.F de Wit, circa 1690Very good€ 490,00
France. Paris. I Tirion, 1764Excellent€ 290,00
Germany. Hamburg. Bird's-eye plan.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1588Excellent€ 980,00
Scotland. Edinburgh. Bird's-eye plan.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1588Excellent€ 1500,00
Belgium. Netherlands. Bruges, Ghent, Knokke, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.P Kaerius, 1617Excellent€ 480,00
Luxembourg.A Ortelius, 1579Very good€ 490,00
Latvia, Riga. Russia, Kaliningrad (Königsberg).G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1588Excellent€ 1250,00
England. Chester. Bird's-eye plan.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1588Excellent€ 580,00
France. Limagne (Auvergne). Boulogne and Calais (Nord-Pas-de-Calais)C de Jode, 1593Excellent€ 360,00
Scandinavia. Baltic states.H Scherer, 1702Excellent€ 220,00
Germany. Dresden. Leipzig. G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1572Excellent€ 450,00
Belgium. Flanders.WJ Blaeu / L Guicciardini, 1612Excellent€ 230,00
England. Canterbury. Bird's-eye plan.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1588Excellent€ 580,00
Italy. Trento. Bird's-eye planG Braun & F Hogenberg, 1588Excellent€ 630,00
Slovakia: Nové Zámky. Hungary: VisegrádG Braun & F Hogenberg, 1623Excellent€ 570,00
Switzerland. Zürich. Bird's-eye plan.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1588Excellent€ 1200,00
Russia. St. Petersburg. Palace Square. Remondini, circa 1780Excellent€ 220,00
Russia. St. Petersburg: View of the Neva, towards an approach which is in the east side of the Galeria PetroburgumRemondini, circa 1780Excellent€ 290,00
Austria. Innsbruck. Bird's-eye view.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1623Excellent€ 650,00
Russia. St. Petersburg. View of the Fontanka, river in the Great Neva delta and Peter's Great summer palaceRemondini, circa 1770Excellent€ 290,00
Russia. St. Petersburg. View of the imperial twelve colleges in St. PetersburgRemondini, circa 1770Excellent€ 290,00
Russia. St. Petersburg. View of the Winter Palace at St. PetersburgBasset, circa 1770Excellent€ 290,00
Slovakia. Bratislava. Bird's-eye view.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1588Excellent€ 950,00
United Kingdom and Ireland.J Danckerts, circa 1690Excellent€ 590,00
Luxembourg. Bird's-eye plan town.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1588Very good€ 640,00
France. Vermandois and Savoie.C de Jode, 1593Excellent€ 360,00
Italy. Formia and the Gulf of Gaeta.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1588Excellent€ 560,00
England. Bristol. Bird's-eye plan.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1588Excellent€ 680,00
Belgium. Bruges. (Brugge). Bird's-eye plan. J Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 1150,00
Switzerland. Zürich. G Bodenehr, circa 1725Excellent€ 190,00
Denmark. Sweden. Øresund (the Sound). Helsingør. Landskrona. Helsingborg.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1588Excellent€ 980,00
England. London. Plan of London.G Bodenehr, circa 1725Excellent€ 420,00
Switzerland. Fribourg.G Bodenehr, circa 1725Excellent€ 130,00
Italy. Perugia. Bird's-eye planG Braun & F Hogenberg, 1617Excellent€ 590,00
Belgium. Ghent. Bird's-eye planJ Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 1250,00
Italy. Bologna. Bird's-eye planG Braun & F Hogenberg, 1588Excellent€ 780,00
Spain. CádizBF Leizelt, circa 1765Excellent€ 260,00
Italy. Urbino. Sulmona.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1588Excellent€ 320,00
Belgium. Ieper (Ypres). Bird's-eye plan and view.J Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 580,00
Germany. Kiel. Bird's-eye view.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1588Excellent€ 580,00
Spain. CádizBF Leizelt, circa 1765Excellent€ 260,00
Belgium. Ghent. Zwijnaarde. Bird's-eye view.J Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 150,00
Hungary. Törökszentmiklós. Bird's-eye view.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1618Excellent€ 580,00
Luxembourg. Bird's-eye view town.J Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 1500,00
Europe.WJ Blaeu, 1662Excellent€ 3400,00
Spain. Barcelona. Plan and view.M Seutter, 1730Excellent€ 1400,00
France. Corsica.Homann Heirs (Erven Homann), 1735Very good€ 440,00
Belgium. Sint-Niklaas. Bird's-eye planJ Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 180,00
Belgium. Lokeren. Bird's-eye planJ Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 180,00
Croatia. Šibenik and Poreč. Greece. Methoni.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1575Excellent€ 390,00
Belgium. Evergem. Bird's-eye view.J Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 150,00
Italy. Venice. Grand Canal and (partly) Rialto Bridge. M Engelbrecht, circa 1730Excellent€ 350,00
Belgium. Gistel. Bird's-eye view.J Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 120,00
Spain. Madrid. FD Gosselin, circa 1850Excellent€ 170,00
Italy. Venice. San Giorgio Maggiore church.M Engelbrecht, circa 1730Excellent€ 280,00
Belgium. Dendermonde. Bird's-eye plan and view.J Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 540,00
Belgium. Lovendegem. Bird's-eye view village and Castle of Lovendegem.J Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 120,00
Italy. Venice. San Geremia Church. Grand Canal. M Engelbrecht, circa 1730Excellent€ 280,00
Belgium. Temse. View.J. Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 120,00
Spain. Cádiz. Harbor.BF Leizelt, circa 1765Excellent€ 260,00
Belgium. Izegem. Bird's-eye plan.J. Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 120,00
Czech Republic. Moravia. Znojmo (Znaim). Bird's-eye view.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1618Excellent€ 590,00
Belgium. Lichtervelde. Bird's-eye plan.J. Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 120,00
Belgium. Lo (Lo-Reninge). View.J. Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 120,00
Belgium. Zottegem. Bird's-eye plan.J. Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 120,00
Belgium. Vinderhoute (Lovendegem). Bird's-eye view.J. Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 100,00
Belgium. Torhout. View.J. Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 120,00
Belgium. Lier. Bird's-eye plan.J. Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 390,00
Belgium. Blankenberge. Bird's-eye view.J Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 120,00
Italy. Milan. Basilica di Santo Stefano MaggioreFB Werner / JG Merz, circa 1730Excellent€ 260,00
Belgium. Veurne. Bird's-eye plan and view.J. Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 390,00
Belgium. Wakken. Bird's-eye view.J. Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 430,00
Italy. Florence. Hospital of Santa Maria NuovaFB Werner / JG Merz, circa 1730Excellent€ 250,00
Spain. Menorca. MaóBF Leizelt, circa 1765Excellent€ 190,00
Sweden. Helsingborg. Lund. Malmö. Landskrona. G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1588Excellent€ 700,00
Belgium. Dadizele. View.J Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 100,00
Hungary. Drégelypalánk. Bird's-eye view.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1618Excellent€ 550,00
Russia. Moscow.R Bowyer, 1814Excellent€ 560,00
Belgium. Diksmuide. Bird's-eye plan and view.J Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 290,00
Poland. Szczecin. Bird's-eye plan.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1588Excellentsold
Belgium. Oudenaarde. Bird's-eye plan and view.J Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 450,00
Iceland.JN Bellin, 1758Excellent€ 290,00
Belgium. Antwerp. Bird's-eye plan.WJ Blaeu / L Guicciardini, 1613Excellent€ 290,00
Europe.JB Elwe & DM Langeveld, 1786Excellent€ 130,00
Belgium. Mechelen. Bird's-eye plan.J Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 460,00
Belarus. Grodno (Hrodna). Bird's-eye view.G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1575Excellent€ 650,00
Norway.M Seutter, circa 1730Excellent€ 480,00
England.Conrad Malte-Brun, 1810Excellent€ 100,00
Belgium. Geraardsbergen. Bird's-eye view.J Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 550,00
Belgium. Leuven. Bird's-eye plan.J Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 640,00
Belgium. Netherlands. Flanders and Zeelandic Flanders. Border area.N Suly / H Scheurleer, 1724Excellent€ 750,00
Denmark. Copenhagen. G Braun & F Hogenberg, 1588Excellent€ 1450,00
Belgium. Kortrijk. Bird's-eye plan.J Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 480,00
Luxembourg. La Fontaine Palace. J Blaeu, 1649Excellent€ 580,00
Italy. Rome. Bird's-eye plan.JB Homann, 1716Excellent€ 1000,00
Spain. Madrid. View.F Halma, 1705Excellent€ 150,00
Belgium. Antwerpen / Kalmthout / ZandvlietC en JC Sepp, 1773Excellent€ 110,00
France.JC Weigel, 1717Excellent€ 110,00
Belgium. Turnhout / Hoogstraten / RijkevorselC en JC Sepp, 1773Excellent€ 90,00
Germany. Berlin. Plan of Berlin.Otto'schen Buch- und Kunsthandlung, 1839Very good€ 250,00
England. London. Plan of London.F Bohn, circa 1790Excellent€ 490,00
Northern Europe. Barents Sea. Sea Chart.J Janssonius, 1657Excellent€ 750,00